Welcome to Restore7, your local rehabilitation provider!

We are a specialist rehabilitation and physiotherapy service supporting people who have suffered a stroke or who have another neurological condition. We’re experienced in working with patients with conditions such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease.

We offer excellent therapy either in our well-equipped and accessible clinic based in Leeds 7 or within your home and local community. Specialist physiotherapy and occupational rehabilitation therapy aims to restore hope and maximize your potential for restoration of e.g. balance, movement and participation in life.

Restore7 also provides support and care for those with neurological conditions and / or are advanced in years. We assist you with everyday activities within your home and also enable you to “get out” and enjoy opportunities within your community.

Also, please come and join our weekly balance group, which is held in Leeds 8, and enjoyed by those over 65 years, who either want to maintain balance skills and/ or improve their balance.

Restore7 Ltd
Suite 1a, Gledhow Mount Mansion
32 Roxholme Grove,

Wendy Wilson
Clinical Lead and Director Restore7 Ltd
Dip cot; Msc Bobath Concept.

Wendy Wilson: Founder, Clinical Lead and Director of Restore7 LTD: the rehabilitation in community provider in Leeds

 Barrie’s testimony:

I cannot recommend Wendy too highly. I was informed that after a major stroke my wife would eventually walk again but would not regain use of her right arm and hand. Wendy, by concentrating on her right foot noticed a slight movement in her right hand. She then focussed on this so that 10 months on my wife can now raise her arm, can pick up some items with her right hand and almost certainly will regain considerable use. She has also got her from walking with a zimmer frame to walking in and out of the home with a stick only and increasingly she walks around the home without a stick at all. Wendy practices Bobath which involves very intensive sessions in succession which, while tiring, after each set results in considerable improvement. She has also visited us at home and has worked with my wife to ensure that she can prepare some food for herself, shower and dress, get up and down the stairs by herself and up and down the outside steps and into the car unaided. Wendy has also worked at using home tasks to help her recovery, like emptying the dishwasher and using the washing machine.

She is tremendously encouraging with a great sense of humour but totally professional. I have recommended her to everyone in the stroke carers group to which I belong. We were very fortunate to have met her.