Testimonial – John Stevenson


Having suffered a severe stroke, which left me with a very weak left side together with poor balance, I have had physical therapy with Wendy and Sarah. There has been considerable progress and considerable benefits as a result of their treatment.

First of all, there has been considerable pain relief in my neck and weak left arm, hand, leg and foot. Consequently, life has been much better. Steady progress has been made in my ability to sit in a balanced posture. I have also learnt to regain balance myself to achieve a comfortable upright position. Work is also in progress to help me to stand which is an important goal I am keen to reach.

Great care is taken to ensure that all activities are conducted safely. Exercises are not rushed and I am included in all discussions concerning my activities. At all times I am encouraged to achieve realistic goals and to give my opinions as each exercise is carried out.

Sarah and Wendy work well together as a team and confer together as we go along so that necessary adaptations can be made. They explain clearly the purpose of each activity and give great encouragement at all times.

Each session takes place in a well equipped and attractive room and there is a very friendly atmosphere. Success, however small, is praised and reasons for difficulties are truthfully explained. These physical therapy sessions boost morale and confidence and are very well worthwhile.